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Student Group Guidelines

To All Parents, Teachers and Group Leaders,
Attending a dinner theatre is an exercise in etiquette for the entire group. We offer a reminder to theatre-goers that part of one’s pact as an audience member is to take seriously the pleasure of the other audience members. It’s a responsibility fulfilled by appropriate behavior and courtesy. We ask that you review these suggestions with your young audience members before their trip and that you all enjoy this performance and come back many more times.

The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre has set the following guidelines for the best experience for students as well as the other patrons in the audience.

  1. We treat students with the same respect that other patrons receive and expect the same in return for our servers, bus persons, host staff and other guests.
  2. Seating at Broadway Palm is at dinner tables. Therefore A CHAPERONE MUST ACCOMPANY EVERY TABLE OR EVERY OTHER TABLE. As a chaperone, we feel it is your responsibility to supervise the activity of the students at the tables and you cannot do that effectively if you are not amongst them. The group will not be seated without supervisors being with the student tables. The chaperone is also expected to accompany the children through the buffet line.
  3. Reserved seating assignments before the trip is advised. Seating charts will be sent with the group contract.
  4. Last minute cancellations due to illness are understandable for student groups. The theatre must be notified by 10:00 the morning of the performance date to receive a raincheck.
  5. Condiments on the tables are to be used only with the meal and not for entertainment.
  6. Unwrap all candies and cough drops before the show begins and wait until intermission to get something from a purse.
  7. During the performance we ask that you remain seated with limited talking. Please be courteous of the audience around you. They have paid for their tickets as well and came to enjoy the show.
  8. The proper time to leave a performance is when the curtain is closed and the performers have taken their bows. This will help to not disturb the other audience members.
  9. For safety reasons, we do not allow running in the theatre or in the lobby.
  10. Please have a chaperone with each child while visiting the Gift Shop.

Thank you for sharing this with your student groups and we look forward to entertaining you in the coming months here at Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre.